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    The Kings Club is an exclusive monthly membership that fuses world-class experience with credible science in the fitness and bodybuilding arena. Tired of the typical "bro-science" solutions that have flooded the industry? We were too. That's why we've created "The Kings Club".

    This is custom tailored for those serious about their fitness and bodybuilding objectives, and we’ve put together the most comprehensive nutrition and training guidelines that are proven to transform your body and meet your fitness goals! With limited memberships available, VIP access to a closed Facebook group, monthly updates to diet & training programs, live Q&A and more... this is the online fitness membership you’ve been looking for.

    The Kings Club was developed and designed by Steve Kuclo & Justin Harris, who combined have over 37 years of fitness experience and competed in over 35 bodybuilding competitions worldwide. With 4x IFBB Pro Bodybuilding wins, a top 10 Mr. Olympia athlete, 10 years as an NREMT-Paramedic from Steve, and a masters in Atomic Physics & Kinesiology degree from Justin, they provide an unparalleled powerhouse of real results based on real science in the industry that raises the bar for all online fitness programs.

    Want to be a part of the club? Here's what you get: 

    • Steve Kuclo's (100 Page) Masterclass eBook  ($99 value)
    • Membership Gear Pack ($40 value)
      • Shaker
      • Shirt
      • Sticker
    • Capped Membership
    • VIP Access to a Closed "Kings Club" Facebook Group
      • Team videos from Steve Kuclo and other guests
      • Live Q&A video sessions with Steve Kuclo & Justin Harris
      • In-Depth content not available anywhere else
      • Direct access to chat with others in the group
    • Monthly Updates to Diet & Training program
    • Access to Steve’s “King Sized” Training Program

    (minimum 3-month subscription required with King's Club membership)

    All this for just $100/month! Interested? Click on the link below to get started.