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    Row to Grow!

    Row to Grow!

    4 weeks out is an exciting time of prep. Im really starting to see changes from diet/training and my strength is still up. Ive been at the 4 week out point in the past where I just feel flat and depleted and my strength is gone but I am really pushing through my workouts, getting stronger as my prep progresses. I have always had the mind set when I prep that I CAN GROW during my prep. Even though my calories low; I am eating perfect, training hard, doing cardio and turning my body into a fine tuned machine. Its all about your mind set. 

    What I wanted to demonstrate in the photo of me rowing is the form and technique used in one arm row. Making sure you get full extension on the bottom of the movement without causing to much rotation in your core. Use your mind muscle connection to pull from you elbow and focus on your lat pulling the weight vs your bicep. Use a weight that you can squeeze on the peak of the contraction and not just swing. Doing this will definitely help your back to grow and work the right muscles! 

    If you need a custom tailored training program or diet make sure you check out my plans that are available for you .